adaptive dance

With Ms. Amanda

Experience the joys of creative movement in an adapted setting. A licensed school-based occupational therapy practitioner with a strong dance background and Level I Autism Movement Therapy certification will provide an adapted, safe, developmentally based approach to explore dance and motor skills. The class is available to all needs and levels of mobility, using dance-focused visual supports to ensure communication with dancer and teacher.

Two classes available – ages Kinde thru 3rd Grade & 4th – 7th Grade

MOMMY & ME (new program)

For 18-24 months 

Work on gaining gross motor control such as running, jumping, and galloping; Putting movements with words of songs and short pieces of music and much more just for mommy & her little dancer.

TWINKLE BABIES and the Twinkle Stars

For the toddler - 2 years old

Working with gross motor skills and the beginning of ballet movements and memory.


With Ms. Zoe

Sing, Dance, Act, and more. You gotta love showbiz! For Grades 4th – 7th


Hip Hop for 5 year olds!

Working with gross motor skills and the beginning of ballet movements and memory.


Boys & Girls

This style of hiphop is strictly for 2nd through 4th grade dancers (boys & girls) using music and movement appropriate for this age group. No experience needed just the desire to move and groove.


Elementary barre work, floor work, stretching.  Great for dancers and non-dancers to elongate their body. 

Tiny Poms

Ages 5 & 6

This is a true introductory beginning to Poms for this age bracket and is a segway to All-Star Mini’s.


Class used as a supplement to jazz, ballet, & POM, better execution turns & jumps. Some skills included but are not limited to:

Axel Jumps, Switch Leaps, Saut de chat, Grand Jete, Double stag leaps, leaps in second position, X Jumps, En dehor and en dedans pirouettes (singles-triples), Skills into and out of pirouettes, Attitude turns, & Fouettes


For Tap Dancers in Level IV and higher

This is not the typical tap class.  You’ll be working on the ankles, sounds, speed, mastering tap rudiments (the basics) and putting them to use in the appropriate level ~ shading sounds ~ loud to soft!



We have created 4 divisions, so we can properly place dancers according to the UDA (Universal Dance Association) standards. All-Star offers training in pom technique and the elements of dance used in pom – turns, jumps, and more.


(Note – the divisions are organized by age, level, ability – if ability is further along for a particular student, they will be moved into the next classification.  Instructor makes the final determination as to placement based upon dancer audition or class progression).

All-Star Mini’s - ages 7 to 9 (no other classes required but ballet or jazz would be helpful)

All-Star Youth - ages 10 to 12 - must also be taking a ballet or jazz class

All-Star Junior - age 12 + - must also be taking a ballet AND jazz class

All-Star Senior - age 12 +  must also be taking a ballet AND jazz class